Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Can A Conservatory Be More?


A conservatory is a great addition to any home but the classic conservatory has this image of only being an enjoyable during the summer months and as soon as the cold winter moths come in the space become unusable because it is a cold, damp and unpleasant room.
This image is now long gone, I don’t know where some people have been hiding but if their conservatory is like that then maybe it’s time for an upgrade. There is so much you can now do when you decide to get a conservatory. From making the space usable all year round to getting some amazing add-ons to make the room feel part of your home. In this article I’m going to be showing you how your conservatory can be more!

Under floor Heating and Radiators

You heard me right; you can get under floor heating in your conservatory! This is perfect if you’re looking to keep the space nice and warm in the colder months of winter but the best part is that even if you can’t afford the cost of under floor heating is that now radiators can be installed quickly and easily! So there should be no reason for your conservatory not being used all year round.

Self Cleaning Glass

That’s right! They have made it easier to look after and maintain your conservatory. Let’s face the facts when I say conservatories are mostly glass based and after a while it’s a horrible thought knowing that eventually you’re going to have to dig out the cleaning supplies and put a little bit of elbow grease to get things looking perfect again. With self cleaning glass you don’t have to worry about this thought so its happy days from here on out!

Roof Blinds

This one is the perfect way to create a cosy atmosphere when the sun stops shining and the moon is out. Think of it like a temporary ceiling. You can get them where they can be operated manually by hand or automatic ones at the flick of a switch. You can even get ones with a remote control! This has to be one of my personal favourite things to do with a conservatory because I just think it looks awesome.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is obvious here. You can use a conservatory however you like weather it’s a place you go to do your hobbies such as gardening or maybe a little arts and crafts, a children’s play room, an office, a dining room or just keep it simple with a utility room for the washing machine and tumble dryer. The possibilities are endless as with what can be done in this day and age means that you can use your conservatory for anything you like, just like any other room in your house. The best part about all this that it is cost effective and affordable, if your piling company don't charge too much, so it’s not going to hurt your wallet and you get to add your own personal touch!